Decisive Series

For the past 7 years Roberto Q. Ingram (founder) has nurtured The Decisive

Series platform but now in edition to raise the bar the series welcomes a

team of passionate, likeminded individuals with qualifications beyond music,

Daniel (Dj D*) Rob Rangelow (Dj jackMaster Rob) and George Walden (Pro

speaker & Moderator) Josh Mc Ghee (IT specialist). Our modus operandi is to

present a high-quality music podcast/radio show that combines pieces of

information that direct attention to the art of expression, through the lens of

the artist/musician/DJs, who take the risk of introducing a fresh selection of

music that challenges the listener's imagination. Music for those with an open

mind. Music that is electric, soulful, funky, hard, soft, groovy or broken.

As we look to the future, its our goal to simply be the best at what we do in

hopes that you will be entertained enough to spread our message with your

friends. Be sure to follow us on all our social network platforms, so your

always up to date. Please feel free to get involved in topics surrounding all

things music. Most important, remember your support for the Decisive Series

go along way and it helps us to continue to provide the best content